Motto:  Faster and Cheaper

- purchased semi-finished products will enable you to reduce the length of your production cycle and speed up finishing of the final products. Moreover, you will thus be able to utilize high quality human resources for the activities and work that generate added value of the company.


The company PRONAP (btw. the name is deduced directly from the production program - production of semi-finished furniture, in czech: PROdukce bytkových Polotovarů)founded in 2000, builds on successful era of the former factory JITONA Inc. Soběslav in Starý Plzenec, devoted to the production of semi-finished products for many years.

The basic aim of the company is to show the customer - final manufacturer of furniture - that when using the semi-finished furniture he will not only save time – the use of special technology enables to shorten production time, but also money - high efficiency of the production in large series, with constant pressure to reduce manufacturing costs, brings the effect of permanent low prices.

In connection with the development of the market situation with semi-finished products for the furniture and construction industries, in 2005 the company decided to strengthen its market position and expanded its portfolio with the final production of furniture.

The main goal since the establishment of the company has been building of the brand image PRONAP as a synonym of professionalism, quality and fast customer service.

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PRONAP s.r.o.
Jiráskova 1142
332 02 Starý Plzenec
Czech Republic

Central phone No.: 377 923 312
Store: 377 923 321

znak Starého Plzence town Starý Plzenec

Pronap s.r.o., Jiráskova 1142, 332 02 Starý Plzenec, Czech Republic, phone no.: 00420 377 923 312, e-mail:
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